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Lurrrrve Question...

I was talking to a friend the other day and her and I got to discussing love. She believes that everyone has a "true" love - however, I'm not totally sure what that means. Does that mean relationships you've been through and the people you went through it with was based on "fake" love then... my take on this is... love is just love - its constant. The end. She said she wouldn't take me as someone to believe this concept because I don't even want to get married  (whatever that's supposed to mean). 

The conversation came about when I said two people in a relationship will never love each other equally. There will always be someone who'd love a bit more. She disagreed with that... she said when there is "true" love those people are meant to be together... she gave an example of an elderly couple that were together for a long long time. The husband became sick and seeing all this the wife died of a broken heart... a few days later the man passed away. 

I replied and said "I know people die of a broken heart... but it just seems like his wll to go on was stronger than her thought of potentially losing him... hence one love could be "stronger" than the other. 

Does anyone have a take on this whole "true" love bit?

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