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how to make friends.

I think I am a well rounded person. I have a nice job in a good atmosphere. I go to college right now full time 16 credits (12 credits is full time). I also am apart of a gym. My job I am mostly surrounded by much older women - like my gym. And to tell you the truth - in college I try and talk to girls my age and they seem to enjoy the conversation but nothing sparks.

I'm envious. Yes. my sister does stay in her room all day long. But she has all these online friends. Why can I not make friends? I put myself out there a lot more then her.

how do I make friends? How to I take a conversation with a girl into a friendship?

Im tired of my one friend that I do have. She is 16. and I am 20. I think that is a big gap. The girl derives on giving others attention for there sorrow. I've got no drama in my life that would cause me to cause such chaos - so today. one night I do have some issues I wanted to resolve she doesn't call me back and when I call her she is hanging out with her boy toy that wouldn't commit to her for the life of him.

what do I do? How do I put myself out there more? How do I get a lot of friends. I'm so confused. life isn't like high school in college. you dont socialize the same way in college. it is a lot different - you dont just make friends with one girl and you're in a click. it's way harder. help
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Try taking that first conversation and go with it. You might have to make the next move, because people might think you're just making small talk in class. Try saying as class ends "Oh, I'm gonna grab lunch, wanna come?" Also, try joining a club you're interested in so you can meet people with the same interests. It's a lot easier that way because you already have something to talk about. Hope you have better luck in the future!
Thank you soo much - you're advice is really helpful. I totally agree with you!