jess (denverlaxgirl) wrote in askday,

 ok, well i've been on here for months and never really had anything i needed to post about, but i can't seem to find any information on this anywhere else...

My period is like clockwork every month, comes right on time, the first two days are hell with heavy flow and pretty bad cramps, the last three days are easy, no cramps, light flow until it disappears.  But this month: everything came and went exactly as usual, and when it disappeared i figured it was over.  Until two days later when I started having the worst cramps I've ever had: MIND-NUMBING, so much so that even with tylenol/midol I basically spent two days in bed moaning and curled up in a little ball.  And then my period CAME BACK.  So, not counting the two days in between, I have now been having my period, and not only that but the worst period I've ever had, for ELEVEN DAYS.  
Anybody ever had this happen to them?  It's looking like I'm having my period twice in one month.  Any clues on what's going on?
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