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Oh my, I have a lot to say.

I'm 21 and in my first serious relationship with a guy since spending all of high school believing I was a lesbian. I have enough sexual issues to make many posts on this blog (which is totally awesome, I'm so excited to have a place to get things off of my chest). But I wanna start at the top.

My boyfriend has a job where he works very early mornings. I go to school and have a part time job and get very preoccupied and stressed. He always wants to have sex in the mornings/afternoons and I usually want to have sex at night. Of course, I'm too sleepy in the mornings (I have late classes and usually work evenings) and he's always asleep very early.

So, out of being antsy I took to checking out some porn while he slept, and he got kinda jealous about it. Lately, he's been bad at covering over the fact that he's been doing the same during the day, but now I'm feeling really jealous about it, too. Now that I'm in a relationship, I'm stunned how much sex really matters... and I need more of it. But how?
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