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Lesbian Fest 2007

So, I have a foursome problem.

So I have these friends Max, Abby, and Angel. We are all very horny. Now you see Max dated Abby, Abby is now dating Angel and well I wanna fuck all three of them. Max has slept with both Abby and Angel. I don't mean Max and Abby slept together while they were dating I am talking about since Abby started dating Angel. Angel and Abby have both cheated on eachother with Max. Now Abby does not want to fuck me while with Angel, she says she can't do that to Angel. But Abby will shoot(Metaphorically) Max if she even thought twice about sleeping with me. Angel apparently finds herself only attracted to Max and Abby. My problem is that for my entire life, as far back as I can remember I've loved Abby, but I can see when she looks at Max or Angel its a love that she does not look at me with. My question is how do I, either get over or get in her pants?

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