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first post: problem

my new boyfriend and i are very close, even though we have only officially been dating for just over three weeks. i have only had one sexual partner before, and that was in my last relationship, when it took me 5 months to decide i was ready to have sex. with my new boyfriend, i have been involved in sexual activity, and i want to have sex with him. however, the other night when i stayed over, we were messing about and i asked him if he wanted to have sex. he hesitated and said, "i don't know" and then a few minutes later asked if i had a condom. so he put the condom on and i was directing him into me, when it didn't work. this sounds a bit strange, but at the time i thought he was too big and he just wouldn't fit inside me, so i pushed against him harder, and then realised he had gone limp. he apologised over and over and told me that it was just because he was so worried that he wouldn't be good enough for me, and that he was thinking about it too much. he has said this before, and i don't want him to feel insufficient, because he is an amazing guy. any ideas how i can make him more comfortable and stop him from worrying about this so much?
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