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Holy Fuck

Here we are in the living room with my Journal open and we are just going to post as a group now.

I (Neo) left for basic most of my friends were straight. Now most of my town has gone GAY. As a flaming Bisexual myself for 8 years, I am offended at the fact that the new fucking trend is to be "gay". I mean seriously what is it like to be straight anymore. This shit is bugging me so much I might go straight. Okay that was a little extreme but still women are such a fucking hassle. Gay men annoy me to such an extent that I just wanna start swinging, but I feel bad hitting a woman. Straight men are either too homophobic to be straight or such assholes that you have to cheat on them to get any good satisfaction. Women take far too long to change shower do their hair eat talk think or anything of the sort. Hell why not include breathing. *End Rant*

I (Dylan) am a straight male. I have no problem with sexuality however it is far to open and free these days. I am not really a against people being gay however I don't want it in my face. I have a gay sister so how homophobic can I really be. I do not hate my sister because she is gay but I don't like it when she flaunts her woman in my face. I am one of those traditional guys that would have a problem with my girl if she was fucking me and another girl at the same time. Though it would not bother me if she was attracted to other women. So my problem pretty much is that gayness is taking over the fucking world. How the hell are we supposed to continue human life as we know with Adan and Steve fucking all over the place instead of Adam and Eve? Seriously.*End Rant*

I (Max) am a flaming lesbo in the eye's of everyone. I claimed to be Bisex for 6 years. I have had Dick and well.. Men Suck in bed. Granted that is an opinion that is completely my own. Anyways as the third completely gay party I still agree with Dylan and Neo. Seriously what the hell has the world come to when being gay is what put you in the "cool pool" at school. Come on. I remember way the fuck back when you were hung for that shit. I am not sitting here talking shit about the fact that now in this day n age people like me have more rights and I completely support gay marriage and the right to love freely. Since when however is love categorized as sex ? Now all of a sudden it is not loving freely it is having sex with your gender of choice or both genders freely. Where did the love go ? *End Rant*

Gay = Cool ?

Love = Sex ?

Adam and Eve = Adam and Steve ? Fuck Waldo where's Eve ?

----Neo, Dylan, Max----
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