sexpistol23 (sexpistol23) wrote in askday,

Question on...well, prolonging sex

So I have been "sexually active," as it were, for about five years. I usually don't last very long, though. Maybe ten minutes, often less. I have recently started a long-distance relationship with a girl I really like, and the last time we were together we had sex for the first time. We did it four times. Two times I lasted maybe seven-ten minutes, once probably less than five, and one time I actually went for about twenty minutes. I know she came at least once (during the longer session) not sure if there were more.

Anyway, my point is, though we both really enjoyed the sex, I'd like to be able to last longer most of the time; I want to make sure the sex is great for her. Any advice on how I can do this? I do slow down from time to time, and stop and all of that, but it still just doesn't take very long for me to cash my ticket. Thanks!
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